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    We offering you a  MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)relating to Education for study for UGC NET SET examination.
We will publishing a series of MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) relating to Economics' MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)
Following are the Multiple Choice Questions of Economics with answers.

1➤ UGC NET SET MCQ | EDUCATION | MCQ SET 1 MCQ.1._____tests measure the extent of students learning in a given content area.

2➤ MCQ.2. “Anything can be taught at any stage of development”, was said by____

3➤ MCQ.3. ____is the degree to which a test measures what it is supposed to measure?

4➤ MCQ.4. means reinforcing each small step towards a desired goal or behavior.

5➤ MCQ.5. If a student is rude to you, which strategy would you adopt as a teacher?

6➤ UGC NET SET MCQ | EDUCATION | MCQ SET 1 MCQ.6. What will be the IQ of a 25 years old boy whose mental age is 16?

7➤ MCQ.7. Social change would bring a change in which of the following?

8➤ MCQ.8. Which of the following are the characteristics of a person with scientific attitude?

9➤ MCQ.9. The concept of ‘SUPW’ was elucidated by

10➤ MCQ.10. Who became the first Minister of Education in the Indian government?

11➤ UGC NET SET MCQ | EDUCATION | MCQ SET 1 MCQ.11. On which list is education in Indian Constitution?

12➤ MCQ.12. Computer Assisted Instruction is based on principle

13➤ MCQ.13. Which of the following is Doordarshan’s Educational Television Channel?

14➤ MCQ.14. Which of the following affects an individual’s development at a given time?

15➤ MCQ.15. For , ‘Experimentation’ the standard procedure to know the truth?

16➤ UGC NET SET MCQ | EDUCATION | MCQ SET 1 MCQ.16. The amendement got “Fundamental Duties” added to the Constitution of India?

17➤ MCQ.17. Cause and effect relationships are studied by studies.

18➤ MCQ.18. The development of a student’s personality is affected the most by

19➤ MCQ.19. Which of the following situations would the best for maximum transfer of learning?

20➤ MCQ.20. Which one of the following is the most important elements in teaching?

21➤ UGC NET SET MCQ | EDUCATION | MCQ SET 1 MCQ.21. You want to ensure participation of more students in class. Which of the following methods of teaching would you adopt?

22➤ MCQ.22. To make learning effective, a goal must be meaningful in terms

23➤ MCQ.23. Which of the following items of information are important about students to motivate them for studies?

24➤ MCQ.24. is the process in which you identify the common aspects or basic relationships in a variety of specific situations?

25➤ MCQ.25. If you want to improve the ability to observe in children, which of the following would you recommend?

26➤ UGC NET SET MCQ | EDUCATION | MCQ SET 1 MCQ.26. is the apex institution involved in the planned and coordinated development of the teacher education system in the country.

27➤ MCQ.27. What makes an adolescent revolt against Authority?

28➤ MCQ.28. You want to develop cooperation and team spirit in students? Which activities would you propose?

29➤ MCQ.29. What is the main purpose of punishment to students?

30➤ MCQ.30. Why is Environment Awareness necessary at all stages of education?

31➤ UGC NET SET MCQ | EDUCATION | MCQ SET 1 MCQ.31. “Recall the face of the poorest and weakest man whom you may have seen, and ask yourself, if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him”. Who said these lines?

32➤ MCQ.32. Having variety of question sets in a question paper increases it

33➤ MCQ.33. is the quality of a good teacher.

34➤ MCQ.34. Which of the following is true about the ways of learning for students?

35➤ MCQ.35. How should a teacher be related to his peers?

36➤ UGC NET SET MCQ | EDUCATION | MCQ SET 1 MCQ.36. A teacher should encourage the students to

37➤ MCQ.37. How can a teacher develop creativity in himself and the learners?

38➤ MCQ.38. What is the best way for a teacher to resolve the problems in a class?

39➤ MCQ.39. How would you make your students independent?

40➤ MCQ.40. Why is ‘learning by doing’ important?

41➤ UGC NET SET MCQ | EDUCATION | MCQ SET 1 MCQ.41. For a teacher teaching a class wit large strength, which of the techniques is best?

42➤ MCQ.42. Talking and indiscipline in classroom is an indication of

43➤ MCQ.43. You have a mixed class of boys and girls. Which method would you adopt to improve co-operation between them?

44➤ MCQ.44. You are training in public speaking and debate. Which of the following characteristics can you not expect to develop?

45➤ MCQ.45. What is the use of text book in a class?

46➤ UGC NET SET MCQ | EDUCATION | MCQ SET 1 MCQ.46. Which subject tries to understand the role of man in changing his environment?

47➤ MCQ.47. Why is teacher training necessary?

48➤ MCQ.48. Study of improves a students ability to experiment and analyse

49➤ MCQ.49. Learning in the mother-tongue helps a student to what is being taught.

50➤ MCQ.50. Which educational psychologist believed in the fact that ‘All children have the potential to learn’?

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